Welcoming our new 'beer guru'!

We love beer. And we know our customers love beer, too. So we really want to make sure our wide selection of craft beers and real ales is as amazing as we'd all like it to be. We want 10 Devonshire Place to become the go-to place for beer enthusiasts or anyone looking to try the newest, most exciting and most flavoursome beers around.

That's why we've appointed our very own 'beer guru'! Andrew Campbell is a true beer fanatic - in fact, he reckons he's sampled nearly 2,000 different ones in the last three years alone! He's not afraid to travel in search of a good beer, and is a regular at festivals around the country. Here's a picture of him at last week's Craft Beer Rising festival in London.

A former bar supervisor and cellar manager, Andrew will be keeping a close eye on the latest trends in the industry to ensure our high-quality and extensive beer menu remains fresh, varied and exciting.

 “I’ll be buying the best beers from the best places, offering beers that I love and I want others to try,” Andrew says.

“I’ll also be interacting with customers a lot, both in the pub and on social media. I’d love to hear which beers they want to see on our menu.”

As some of you may know, 10 Devonshire Place has one of the largest selections of beers, both bottled and on draft, in the area. Last year, we were named by the Harrogate and Ripon Campaign for Real Ale as their Pub of the Year.

Our business continues to flourish following a strong performance last year and the successful launch of our online shop, which you can browse by clicking here.

We've strengthened our focus on making our beers available to everyone by offering our full range for customers to enjoy in the pub, take home from our expanded in-house shop or order online via our website.

Andrew says: “We’re offering everyone the chance to try our amazing range of beers, whether that be in the pub itself or at home. Through our beer shops both in-house and online, we’re responding to an increase in demand for high-quality, interesting beers that people can try at their leisure.

“A lot more people of all ages are drinking at home now but many still love the atmosphere of our pub. What all our customers have in common is that they want good stuff and they want to try new and different flavours. People are drinking more sour beers, hoppy IPAs, American-influenced and Belgian-influenced beers. At the same time, we’re seeing a move towards lower alcohol percentages, which used to mean less flavour. But now you can get beers with a great flavour and lower percentage.”

He adds: “Four or five years ago, real ale was the main focus and then craft beer became really popular. The difference between craft beer and real ale is essentially to do with the dispensing system. But, for me, the message should be that you drink what you enjoy, whatever it’s called.”

So what does Andrew think will be the next big thing in the beer industry?

“Last year was sours, and this year I think there’s going to be a big push for what we know as lager – so beer like pilsners and bocks. Especially in the summertime, they’re really refreshing,” he says.

“Another consideration this year will be the price hikes over the next 12 months. It might also become harder to buy beers from abroad. But we’ll be looking to maintain our great value pricing in the pub and shop wherever possible.”

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