Events - Harrogates Liveliest Quiz Night !

Quiz Night

On Sunday evenings at 10 Devonshire Place we hold a pub quiz.

Sure, we could tell you it's "like no other" or it’s a "quiz with a difference" but then, every single quiz in the world says that.

But ours really is a bit different. Scroll down to find out why:

Firstly, it’s free.

Secondly, DJ Trev will be asking the questions.

Thirdly, we’ve got a whole load of craft beers, wines and spirits – including our extensive gin menu - to enhance your quizzing experience.

The other big difference is that we have a live music round. Where other quizzes have a quizmaster playing 10 seconds of a song, ours brings in an actual musician who plays the songs live - sometimes all the way through and occasionally even in tune!

And, as an added bonus, our musician for the evening will play a little live music later on too.

Finally, everyone’s experienced a pub quiz which had questions that surely no one knew the answer to. We understand how frustrating that can be. That's why our quiz includes questions that have no wrong answer, such as "What are your favourite biscuits?" Remember, at our quiz there is no such thing as a stupid answer, just a stupid question.

So join us for our pub quiz. Kicks off at 8pm (ish).

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