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Welcome to 10 Devonshire Place – not the actual place, just the website. Please have a look around and get a feel for what it is we do.

Usually here we would write what it is we do, but we are not entirely sure ourselves. Click about us to see if we have managed to come up with anything that resembles a mission statement, or if it’s just more smoke and mirrors. Speaking of smoke and mirrors, at our pub you will find the nicest selection of mirrors in any pub in Yorkshire, plus the smallest smoking area outside of London – but don’t worry, the smoking is still just as bad for you… Why not try to give up with the aid of some bar snacks instead? This would leave you with more money for beer; but remember: any advice we offer here is purely “over-the-bar” advice and has minimal medical or fiscal grounding. Any offence caused, is purely.

To best enjoy this website, we suggest you order a bottle of Bathtub Gin, pour a large measure over some ice with a slice of grapefruit, add some FeverTree tonic water and stick on some music from the summer of love. And turn your damn phone off.

*if you are viewing this site via our magically optimised mobile version, please do not turn your phone off, and try to keep your eyes on the road.

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