Beavertown: Crazy Can Selection

Product Description

Boy oh boy....


I love Beavertown. They produce great beers. But sometimes they produce so many great beers that I can't choose what to get.


Well I've solve that problem! Just buy all of them!!!


2 x Beavertown: Neck Oil Session IPA

A great session with light, crisp and punchy flavour.

2 x Beavertown: Gamma Ray

Juicy, tropical, mangoey, grapefruity goodness in a can.

1 x Beavertown: Double Chin

Neck Oils Big Brother. DIPA for an extra chin.

1 x Beavertown: Peacherman

Lots of apricot and peaches go into this 5% IPA.

1 x Beavertown: Bloody Ell, Blood orange IPA

Smacks of citrus with blood orange notes.

1 x Beavertown: Appleation

A Bramley apple saison. An 8.7% whopper.

1 x Beavertown: Spresso

An imperial espresso stout. Bittersweet with treacle.

1 x Beavertown: Heavy Water

Sour cherry and sea salt Imperial stout!

1 x Beavertown: Lupuloid

Extra pale with Citra, mosaic and equinox hops


That's 11 perfectly crafted beers for you to try. GT stuck into Beavertown amd check out the rest of our range!