Magic Rock: Fantasma

Product Description

Magic Rock's latest labelled 500ml can is a 6.5% gluten-free, Citra IPA. They’ve used Brewers Clarex® to knock down the gluten levels of this beer to give coeliacs a beer they actually want to drink.

In layman’s terms, Clarex® is an enzyme that modifies proteins (like gluten in malted barley) resulting in a beer that is suitable for coeliacs. If you want some more technical info on Brewers Clarex® click here.

The resulting beer is hazy, dank and tropically fruity with a restrained bitterness and great drinkability. We really don’t think you would guess this was a gluten-free beer, but as ever would love to hear what you think.

Magic rock have got a small blog post on Fantasma here: