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Brewed for Star Wars Day. Solo malt, Solo hop Pale Ale for scoundrels. Got it where it counts.

In a brewery far far away
Or really close depending on where you live
There lived a group of fans
Fans of the film franchise that changed the world
Ok maybe not the world but certainly some childhoods
This group of fans wanted to celebrate all of the most important days
So they brewed a beer
Not just any beer
But a SMASH Beer
That’s right only a single malt and a single hop
We may have used ever so slightly more than 1 hop but only 1 variety!
These fans wanted to share their love and beer with other fans around the country
So they decided to send SOLO far and wide across the galaxy
(if your definition of galaxy is limited to Europe)
They thought that the perfect day to spread this love and beer would be May the Fourth

So we ask you to join us at some of our favourite pubs and bars
To make new friends, and catch up with old
And to exchange cries of May the Fourth be with you


6.1% | 330ml Can | SMASH IPA

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