Odyssey Brew Co: Bottle Selection

Product Description

Odyssey Brew Co are independent and support independent retailers, bars and pubs (like 10 Devonshire Place!).  

They follow a single, simple mantra – product before profit.  Because it's what's inside that counts.


1 x Odyssey Little India Pale Ale:

This. Is. Not. A. Pale. Ale. Golden in colour Little India is hopped to levels that most breweries simply will not consider for a beer of this modest strength. The result is a wild ride through intense hop aroma, big juicy citrus and mouth drying bitterness. This is a session India Pale Ale in the finest tradition of the West Coast.

1 x Odyssey Crowd Control: 

Meet your new favourite India Pale Ale. A firm but unobtrusive malt base provides the backdrop for massive, frankly uneconomic, late hop and dry hop additions. Resinous and pungent Crowd Control finishes with our signature bitterness and will leave you thirsting for another swig. Unapologetically West Coast. 

1 x Odyssey Ego Wars No. 4: 

A series of duel hopped West Coast India Pale Ales. No.4 combines tropical Ekuanot with the piney, mango rich Simcoe. Easy on the malt and with a balanced juicy finish the hops are very much the star of the show. We’ve upped the ante with increased dry hopping levels for this version. The result is a blockbuster, hop forward IPA in the finest traditions of the West Coast.

1 x Odyssey Left Handed Zombie:

Left Handed Giant are one of the best breweries in the U.K. producing beers we love to drink. Odyssey collaberated with them and combined big hitting, new wave, tropical forward hops with old school dank in both the kettle and two big dry hop doses. Mix in a smooth amber malt base and the result is dank, juicy, hop drenched but balanced and quite wonderful.



This set of four 500ml bottles will introduce you to this fantastic family owned brewery.